Tiphaine et Julien COGEZ COUSSEAU

Keen eye and meticulous professional, the requirement has become second nature. It is in particular by supporting Maison Francis Kurkdjian early stage, which has now become a brand of the LVMH group, that Tiphaine forges his arms and draws an entrepreneurial profile. Convinced that the art of composition deserves to be at the heart of olfactory marketing, she orchestrates in France the birth of your scented ranges. Her husband Julien, rugbyman-entrepreneur in events joined the adventure in 2020 to support the development of Brume Orpin.


Together, we have a taste for beautiful encounters, travels, perfumes and attention to detail. The enhancement of know-how is the cornerstone of Brume Orpin, from exceptional selected ingredients to the manufacturing. Nomads & curious about everything and everyone, we adjust our vision over time to reveal relevant creative projects.